Villa Vakoa - Pointe d'Esny - Mauritius

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There is a lot of Activities in the surroundings of Pointe d'Esny.

Biscuitterie Rault

The factory was founded by Jean Fabien Rault who originally produced the famous manioc biscuits, the first commercially manufactured biscuits sold in 1870. During World War One the factory was at its busiest employing up to 100 people, when ships found it almost impossible to visit the island with supplies the islanders had to survive on the biscuits. The factory was destroyed in 1960 by cyclone “Carol”, and again suffered in the early 1970s when cyclone “Gervaise” destroyed most of the manioc plantations.

Visit Biscuiterie Rault - Mauritius

Being the sole manioc biscuit factory in Mauritius and on the African continent, Rault has continued to make a name for himself since 1870. Now 83 years old, Mrs Thérèse Sénèque who runs this family business jealously keeps the secret of these biscuits. With biscuits made of chocolate, butter, milk or coconut, she intends to steam ahead with a recipe that has been developed at length: biscuit with a manioc filling.

Today the 4th generation of the Rault family still run the business. The biscuits are made without any preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. After touring the factory there is a chance to sample the biscuits – together with a nice cup of tea.

Contact Details:
Ville Noire, Mahébourg, Mauritius
Tel: (230) 631 9559
Fax: (230) 395 3028

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